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Douglas E. Harper is a musician, writer, and musical activist from Nevada Missouri. Harper was born in Nevada, Missouri and is more commonly known by his stage name Dangerous Doug Harper, that he adopted in 1999 while doing some announcing for the LWP Low-Budget Wrestling Promotion. He then kept the moniker as his on air name while working at the local radio stations KNEM and KNMO, and after that it stuck. In 2000, Doug left Nevada to go to college at Ozark Technical College in Springfield, Missouri to study Electronic Media Productions. He stayed in Greene County, Missouri but never called it home. Nevada, Missouri Vernon, County has always been his home, that he always returns to. Doug later moved to Nashville after joining the touring cast of musicians for the Marci Mitchell Band. He only stayed a short while before going back to his first love in the town of Nevada Missouri. He is the author of the Nevada Song, Delaware, Firetruck, I Found Myself a Monkey and many many more.

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Dangerous Doug Harper
Nevada, Missouri
Dangerous Doug Harper is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, musician, promoter, and spokesman for the music scene. He plays mostly solo gigs. Doug has been recorded, produced and distributed on twenty-nine CD projects that add up to over 300,000 distributed units just over the equivalent of a silver record in the main stream music world. 20 years of performing music more than 2,000 shows

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